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Better Coffee For The Greater Good

At Martin's Coffee and Bakery we go beyond the standard of fair trade coffee. All of our coffee is ethically sourced and bought directly from small-scale farmers through our partnership with Cooperative Coffees. Cooperative Coffees is a socially responsible buying group that was started 1999 to connect small-scale farmers to coffee buyers. Through Co-op coffees, we are able to bring coffee to Martin, Tennessee that is 100% organically grown and purchased at prices exceeding even the standard Fair Trade.

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Our Story

Why we started a Coffee Shop

In 2017 we set out to bring our small town together to build a small library in Nepal by serving coffee.
And in 2018 we did just that!
We had zero experience in opening a coffee shop.
We bought a 100 year old historic building and started dreaming.
We started by partnering with a co-op that believed in going above and beyond the standard of fair-trade.
They understood that coffee is a people business. Every step— from the ethically sourced farms, to the roasting of the beans, and finally pouring the cup for the customer— has to be about serving people well and fairly.
We picked the most experienced coffee roaster in Tennessee. With their expertise and our shared vision, we created our sustainable model for making an impact!
We built our shop around community and pledged to give a portion of everything sold to funding educational projects locally and globally. Since opening, we have supplied a means of education and library resources to a community in Kathmandu, Nepal. We have constructed a small library space and donated books and supplies.
We serve ethically sourced coffee, prepared by master roasters, to give back to our local and global community.

Consider making a difference today by drinking better coffee for the greater good.

Better Coffee For The Greater Good!
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